SATA Tools

At Leong Hing Kajang, we proudly distribute SATA tools renowned for their reliability and performance. With the slogan "Made to Trust, Made to Challenge," SATA tools are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of professional, electricians, mechanics, and technicians. Backed by a lifetime warranty, our range of SATA tools ensures durability and precision, empowering you to tackle any task with confidence. Whether you are in need of wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, or specialised automotive tools, SATA delivers exceptional quality and consistency. Choose SATA tools from Leong Hing Kajang and experience the reliability and durability you can trust, every time. 

GI Pipes and Accessories

Leong Hing Kajang is a trusted distributor of high-quality GI pipes and accessories from renowned brands like Southern Steel and Maruichi, all certified by SIRIM and JKR. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they always maintain ready stock of GI pipes in standard, orange, and red variants, ensuring versatility and reliability for various applications. Whether for plumbing, construction, or industrial projects, customers can rely on Leong Hing Kajang for prompt delivery of top-notch GI pipes and accessories that meet stringent quality standards. 

Crimping and Cutting Apparatuses

Explore Leong Hing's comprehensive collection of crimping and cutting tools, catering to a wide spectrum of industrial requirements. From precision cutting of small cables to handling large-scale cable terminations, our range ensures efficiency and accuracy for professionals across various sectors. Whether you're terminating signal cables or working with hefty cables, our selection includes tools tailored to your needs. Our equipment is designed for the convenience of technicians and electricians, offering ergonomic designs and reliable performance to streamline tasks. At Leong Hing, we prioritise quality and versatility, empowering professionals to tackle any project with confidence.