Located in Kajang, Leong Hing Group specialises in providing engineering services and solutions for electric motor and industrial automation systems for all variety of industries. Over the years we have successfully tested, managed, commissioned, repaired, and conducted maintenance services for industrial system, automation, special projects, and machinery for oil palm mills, paper processing industries, waste water plants consumer products factories, utilities, sporting facilities, quarries, housing developments, chemical processing plants, and food industries. Leong Hing today has a full rewinding and development facility which is not just confined to reconditioning and repair work but have expanded and diversified considerably over the years.

Our key business activities include;

  • Electric motor fault detection
  • Any electrical and automation needs for your factories, machinery or buildings
  • Project management for special assignments and developments
  • Sales of new and customised motors, pumps, and other machinery needs of your factory
  • Troubleshooting for prototype building, wiring, and automation
  • Consulting in industrial automation system and related electronics 
  • Complete AC and DC electric motor repairs
  • Rewinding of stators, rotors, armature, and field coils and refitting of new bearings
  • Machining works
  • Competent control of the electric motor installation and drives
  • Electrical maintenance for the electric motors and machinery
  • Remedial work related to the machine electrical protection system
  • Condition monitoring of the machine after installation
  • Specialty electric motors, machines and automations for specific and niche industries