U-LI Cable Trunking, Accessories, Support & Management System

The U-LI Group working with established distributors like Leong Hing Letrik Kajang has traversed many roads throughout its 25 years of operations, and today is proud to be known as one of the well-known manufacturer of quality cable support systems and integrated ceiling systems in the Malaysian market.

The products and services supplied by the U-LI Group are used extensively in the telecommunication, oil and gas, transportation, power generation, water-works and construction sectors while the integrated ceiling systems are used in the construction and renovation of commercial buildings.

At present, approximately 60% of the raw materials (steel coils and powder coating paints) used in manufacturing are obtained from Russia, Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan while the balance is purchased from local suppliers.

Local market makes up 85% of the U-LI Group's clientele while export market, mainly other Asean countries. 

Our Cable Trunkings and Trays from U-LI that Leong Hing stocks extensively are made from either Hot Rolled Mild Steel, Cold Rolled Mild Steel, Pre-Galvanized Steel, Electro-Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel. These can be Hot dip Galvanized, Expoxy Coated or Polyester Coated.

Leong Hing is a wholesaler and distributor of Electrical and Industrial Electrical product serving both local and international customers since 1977.

We represent 'U-LI' for its Cable Support System (Cable Ladder, Cable Tray and Cable Trunking), Metal framings and accessories and also its Floor Trunking System (Underfloor Trunking, Flushed Floor Trunking and Raised Floor Trunking). These products are manufactured by United U-LI Sdn Bhd, a listed company in Malaysia.

We work closely with our network of Dealers, Traders, Consultants and Contractors to bring quality products to our customers.With the ISO 9001:2008 system in place for U-LI, we are confident that we will be able to serve you better.

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