TAIAN - TECO Contactors, DOL Starters and Thermal Overload Relays

All the Taian - TECO contactors and thermal overload relays we carry at Leong Hing Kajang have the following features: rated current (AC3/400V):7A~630A, power rating (AC3/400V):3kW~335kW, compact size from 5.5~220Hp/ 11~ 630A, full voltage non-reversing and reversing contactors, a wide range of common accessories, compatible with RHU bimetal Overload Relay, reduce power consumption for energy saving and reduction of carbon emissions, comply with IEC,  and China GB standard, Certificate : CSA, UL,  comply with RoHS, CE, Thermal Overload Relays can be fixed in with contactor directly to protect motor winding from burning due to overload rotor current or open phases, they have 2 poles / 3 poles feature where with setting scale in ampere from 0.37 A to 185 A, where with a precision current adjustment dial enable easy and exact current setting. These Thermal Overload Relays can also be manually tripped.