SUM MFG (M) Plug top, Adaptor, Timer, Cable Reel, Lamp Holder, Portable Socket Outlet, (MALAYSIA)

At Leong Hing we carry the prestigious and well-known SUM Rewireable Plug Top, Moulded Plug and Portable Socket Outlet.

SUM has occupied a size able share in the supply chain of this line of electrical accessory products in our country. SUM has set a footing in the markets in many consumer, namely: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Taiwan and the list keep increasing.

As manufacturer, SUM is able to fulfill its aspiration to produce products of high quality standard yet at minimal cost. Its products which we stock extensively in Leong Hing have gained approval by ministry authority of many countries.

The product range which we keep in stock at Leong Hing includes:

1. Plug Top
2. Portable Socket Outlet
3. Adaptor
4. Cable Reel
5. Switches & Wall Socket
6. T-Adaport

The SUM products which we carry in Leong Hing have been certified by Malaysia SIRIM, Singapore PSB and Hong Kong HOKLAS. Most of our products are complied by Malaysia standard, Singapore Standard and SASO Standard. Their quality management systems have been met the requirement with ISO9001:2008.

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