SCHNEIDER Electric TeSys LR9F Electronic Overload Relays and LRD Thermal Overload Relays (Malaysia)

Schneider Electric Solid State Overload Relay 575VAC 100A

For direct mounting beneath the 1, 3 or 4 pole F range contactors 
Class 10 current rating (conforming to EN 60947-4-1)

Schneider Electric TeSys "F" 056599 range
 contactor accessories LR9F5367 Electronic Overload Relay 60 - 100 A 
Schneider Electric TeSys 
"F" 056600 range contactor accessories LR9F5369 Electronic Overload Relay 90 - 150 A
Schneider Electric TeSys 
"F" 056601 range contactor accessories LR9F5371 Electronic Overload Relay 132 - 220A
Schneider Electric TeSys 
"F" 056602 range contactor accessories LR9F5375 Electronic Overload Relay 200- 330A 

for 1, 3 or 4 Pole F range contactors 100 W are available at Leong Hing Kajang Selangor Malaysia

Schneider Electric Overload Relay, TeSys D, Thermal, 600 V, 440 V

Three-pole thermal overload relays designed to protect ac circuits against overloads, phase failure, long starting times and prolonged stalling of the motor.

Adjustable relay setting dial
Test button
Stop button
Manual/auto reset
Trip indicator
Sealable cover
1N/O & 1N/C auxiliary contacts
Direct mounting beneath three-pole contactors or independent mounting on DIN rail
Insulation voltage 600V, Withstand Voltage 6kV

Schneider Electric TeSys "D" 921548 range contactor accessories LRD332 Thermal Overload Relay 23 - 32 A 
Schneider Electric TeSys "D" 921549 range contactor accessories LRD340 Thermal Overload Relay 30 - 40 A 
Schneider Electric TeSys "D" 921550 range contactor accessories LRD350 Thermal Overload Relay 37 - 50 A 
Schneider Electric TeSys "D" 921551 range contactor accessories LRD365 Thermal Overload Relay
 48 - 65 A 

3 Pole with everlink terminals are available at Leong Hing Kajang Selangor Malaysia

Schneider Electric Overload Controller, TeSys D IEC

This range of Overload Relay is a 3-pole Thermal Overload Relay, designed to protect AC circuits and motors against overloads, phase failure, long starting times and prolonged stalling of the motor. Operation of the test button allows checking of control circuit wiring and simulation of relay tripping (actuates both the NO and NC contacts). Stop button actuates the NC contact, does not affect the NO contact. Trip indicator. Setting locked by sealing the cover. Selector for manual or automatic reset. Deliberate action is required to move it to the automatic position.

10A Current rating
600V Voltage
-30 to 60°C Operating temperature

Schneider Electric TeSys "D" 051998 range contactor accessories LRD3361 Thermal Overload Relay 55  -70 A
Schneider Electric TeSys "D" 052000 range contactor accessories LRD3363 Thermal Overload Relay 63 - 80 A 
Schneider Electric TeSys "D" 
052006 range contactor accessories LRD3365 Thermal Overload Relay 80 - 104 A 

3 Pole available at Leong Hing Kajang Selangor Malaysia
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