SCHNEIDER Electric (Malaysia)

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, offers integrated solutions to help customers make energy safer, more reliable, efficient and productive. In this area, you’ll find our extensive range of solutions, suitable for high, medium and low voltage applications. Designed for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems, our products can be found around the world, helping individuals and organisations to make the most of their energy.

Schneider Electric's time-proven electrical products include circuit breakers, switches, meters, enclosures and switchboards. Leong Hing believes that with Schneider products and solutions as part of our product range, individuals and organisations will be able to make the most of their energy.

Schneider Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, Stockists, Agent in Malaysia

Leong Hing provide technical advice on low voltage protection for Schneider products and electrical installation guide to maximise and ensure your plant productivity and safety. Selection of the right Schneider products and sizing is important and our philosophy in Leong Hing is provide you with these technical know-how which is most valuable to ensure the right item is selected. All range of Schneider products are available in our Electrical and Switchboard Components Trading Division (ESCTD) at Leong Hing Letrik Kajang with the most competitive prices.