SALZER (Malaysia)

Salzer was established in 1985 with an aim to bring world class technology in Electrical Installation Products, coupled with dependability and excellence in service to the Automation Industry. Today Salzer is a dynamic chain of five factories.

Salzer Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, Stockists, Agent in Malaysia

Salzer CAM switches are suitable for AC as well as DC switching applications. In the AC switch range, we offer open terminals, touch-proof, rear termination, side termination and screw less terminals. We also offer versatile mountings. The D series switches are designed for DC switching applications. These Switches are constructed using snap action mechanism which provides "Quick Make Quick Break" of the contacts which is essential for DC switching.
The offered CAM operated rotary switches are used to make or break operation in a sequential way by rotating the switch to different positions.The basic operating mechanism of Cam Switch is required to suit intended application coupled with “Quick-Make”, “Quick-Make-Quick-Break” and “Spring Return” operating mechanisms are offered to cover wide range requirements.
Salzer XB2 22MM 240V SZPB22-EA131-G, SZPB22-EA131-R, XB2 Pushbutton 22mm 240V Green and Red and pilot light of all common colours together with other control items are available at Leong Hing Letrik Kajang. We stock a variety of Salzer items in bulk at Leong Hing. For any technical assistance on Salzer products, you can contact us or visit us in person and we will have technical engineer and chargeman to help you.