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The late Tan Sri Konosuke Matsushita founded the Matsushita companies. The Matsushita miracle began with his vision to contribute to the well-being of mankind by providing reasonably-priced products and services in sufficient quantities.

Today that vision has turned into a giant global business in more than 130 countries around the world.

The famous brand name ‘Panasonic‘ is easily recognised. But behind this popular household name and the extensive range of consumer durables that carry its label stands its manufacturer, the foundation of the brand’s success, Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad – PMMA.

The PMMA story in Malaysia is an inspirational one made remarkable and reflected in its string of proud achievements that have successfully spanned two decades. Being the first plant to manufacture household electrical appliances in Malaysia, the Company confidently took on its parent company in Japan.

Throughout the years, the corporation has observed a swift progress from its humble start as producer of dry-cell batteries to Malaysia’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated electrical appliances.

Today, the Panasonic brand name has emerged as one of the most welcome and trusted brand names for electrical home appliances chosen by most Malaysian households. At Panasonic, we manufacture, operate, deliver, and maintain a series of product range with globally competitive models under the Panasonic brand name to the market, incorporating new features, enhanced capability and improved quality, and equally important, with our excellent after-sales-services.

Best known by its Panasonic brand name, Group & Global Headquarters, Panasonic Corporation based in Osaka, Japan is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of consumer, business, and industrial needs. The Panasonic Wall Fan F-MU408 is another one of Panasonic’s high quality products. With this wall fan by Panasonic there is no need whatsoever for you to sweat under this humid tropical weather anymore. 

  Silent Breeze The Panasonic Wall Fan F-MU408 will provide you with never-ending breeze almost silently for its noise level is less than 60dB. This ensures you peace and quiet no matter whether you are resting before an afternoon nap or if you want the silence of the night for a good night’s sleep. 

  Speed and Spin With the availability of three speeds, you can choose the speed of the fan that you desire. The fan would never be too fast or too slow for you with this function. The Panasonic Wall Fan F-MU408 also comes with the ability to oscillate and is controlled with a pull switch. Now you can feel the wind in the whole room or direct it only towards the place you want it to.

  Light and Easy The fan’s weight is only 4.45kg and it is 40cm long, making it easy to install on the wall and also easy to take down if you want to move it somewhere else. Panasonic Wall Fan F-MU408
 is the fan to have on your wall for continuous comfort.

Panasonic 60” Ceiling Fan F-M15A0 White, 400mm (16 inch) Wall Fan F-MU408 (White)

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