OMRON (Malaysia)

We carry a variety of OMRON products and we supply them in bulk to our customers in the surrounding areas in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

OMRON Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, Stockists, Agent in Malaysia

OMRON RELAY MY2J BASE                              BASE           
OMRON BASE P2RS-08-E                               BASE           
OMRON PYF14A-E MY-4 RELAY BASE                     BASE           
OMRON 12V 20 WATT HALOGEN BULB (64425)             BULB           
OMRON PYC-A1 CLIP                                  CLIP           
OMRON CONNECTOR XS3FM421402A                       CONNECTOR      
OMRON A7P BLOCK ONLY                               CONTACT BLOCK  
OMRON COUNTER H7CX-A11-N 100-240V                  COUNTER        
OMRON TOTAL COUNTER H7EC-N                         COUNTER        
OMRON COUNTER H7EC-NV                              COUNTER        
OMRON ELECTRODE HOLDER BF-1                        HOLDER         
OMRON LIMIT SWITCH E2E-X1R5E10M1                   LIMIT SWITCH   
OMRON EZE-X18ME1                                   LIMIT SWITCH   
OMRON LIMIT SWITCH HL5000                          LIMIT SWITCH   
OMRON RELAY MY-4 12V DC                            RELAY          
OMRON RELAY MY-4 220V                              RELAY          
OMRON PROXIMITY SENSOR TL-G3D                      SENSOR         
OMRON PROXIMITY SENSOR                             SENSOR         
OMRON SENSOR E2E-C25ME2                            SENSOR         
OMRON SENSOR E2E-X10MY1                            SENSOR         
OMRON TIMER H3Y-4 0-10SEC 220V AC                  TIMER          
OMRON TIMER H3Y-4 0-30S 240V                       TIMER