KDK Fans

KDK has been going through the history with Electric Fan. In 1913 KDK started to produce Electric Fan. It was the first alternate E-fan in Japan. In 1918 KDK E-Fans were exported to Asia, South America, Southern Ocean, Australia, and became the most famous top brand.

Today, KDK fans are available in Leong Hing and together with KDK's commitment of business philosophy, Leong Hing and KDK group continues to strengthen the relationship with community and provide high quality products for your comfortable life.

With a history of providing premium products and services to the Malaysian market, KDK has maintained a leading position in the industry by utilizing our core competencies in research and development, energy efficiency and product quality. Consumers of KDK products are assured of uncompromised quality and long term reliability. It has always been part of our Leong Hing's philosophy to deliver value through KDK fans.

In an ever challenging market where consumer satisfaction is our top priority, we at Leong Hing and KDK endeavour to deliver functionality, quality and reliability in KDK's products.

Pic. KDK KU408 16" Wall Fan, KDK KQ409 Auto Wall Fan, and KDK K15V0 Ceiling Fan

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