Customised Power Transformers of All Sizes

Leong Hing Group supplies a huge custom range of transformers at their modern factory in the Malaysia since 1977. We have a wide range of power transformers transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled electrical conductors without changing its frequency. All our transformers have standard compliance to both IEC 60076 and EN 61558, CE certification, Primary/Secondary Voltage Range up to 1000V with capacity of Single Phase 50VA ~ 100KVA and Three Phase Up to 50VA ~2000KVA. We utilise both copper and aluminium as winding materials for these transformers depending on your requirements with polyester enamelled wire 155°C (Class F) & 180°C(Class H) and Fiberglass wire 180°C (Class H). 

The Silicon Steel that we use are of good quality, non grained oriented and low loss grained oriented silicon steel with High grade polyester varnish and Insulation Class A,B,F and H. The cooling methods for the transformers are Air Cool, dry type louvre and Ventilation fan cooling with a Maximum ambient temperature of 40°C. For metal enclosure protection class standard IP21 is utilised (other protection class is available upon request).

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