Leong Hing has been carrying Cikachi (CKC) Electric industrial automatically controlled apparatus since the 90s.

With the CKC unique products that Leong Hing supplies, automation needs are taken care of for different kinds of industries in Malaysia especially in their control and mechanisation of their production lines. CKC products
are technologically advanced, with improved operation and functionality besides covering a broad spectrum of usage. CKC has always maintained and improved the quality of their products contributing to the achievements of numerous technological innovations. At Leong Hing we stock a huge range of CKC products from timers, phase reversals, to terminals and accessories. We also understand and are very well verse with the technical aspects of CKC products to enable us to correctly specify the products of your need. 

CKC Cikachi Electric Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, Stockists, Agent in Malaysia