Simulation Studies

Fire Safety Assessment

Computational Model for Conservatory - Temperature Contours about Fire Source at Time = 12min
(Red = High Temperature and Blue = Low Temperature)

Building Aerodynamic and Wind Engineering

Surface Pressure Contours on Buildings & Terrain due to Wind Loading
(Red = High Pressure and Blue = Low Pressure) and

Particle Trajectory from Exhaust Plume Fans indicating Entrainment of Contaminant into Building Roof Area and Air Intakes due to Wind Gust
Pressure Contours on Residential Development due to South Wind (Red = High Pressure and Blue = Low Pressure)
Air Velocity Vectors in Residential Apartment due to South Wind (Red = High Speed and Blue = Low Speed)
Carbon Monoxide Concentration Contours in Car Park Basement 3 at Steady State. (Red = High Concentration and Blue = Low Concentration)