Welcome To Leong Hing

The years of experience have given us the edge in assisting you to resolve various aspects of your critical electrical requirements which include resolving problems including metal fabrications, electrical hardware items, electrical installations, distribution power supplies, automation, control, and identification of faults in your critical processes in the oil & gas industry, essential electrical hardware services, industrial systems and electric motors of various kinds, i.e. AC/DC and LV in machinery, emergency genset, pumps, alternators, and generators. In recent years, our facility and equipment have been upgraded and reorganised to cater for electrical repairs, rewinding, prototyping, and project management from ‘cradle to grave’ all at one place.

Leong Hing also provides oil & gas industry and critical industry services in metal fabrication, rewinding, repairing, and reconditioning of machinery and electric motors at critical facilities, support and assistance with small and large scale industrial electrical supply and critical automation systems, and advice on specialty projects and prototyping. Leong Hing Group has progressed rapidly to becoming a well-known company in providing electrical and mechanical solutions, services for repair, maintenance, revamping, upgrading, and retrofitting for all critical and essential industries as we understand the needs and requirements of our clients.

This expansion has enabled us to undertake challenging problems related to complicated hardware, electric motor and automation faults especially in the area of essential processes in oil & gas industry and large essential manufacturing factories with the increasingly advanced machinery and technology used in the industry in Malaysia today. For short descriptions on the troubleshooting involving electricity supply and rewinding, repairing, and servicing of specialty electric motors from local industries please visit our project page.

We are one of the largest stocking suppliers of hardware tools and electric motors for oil & gas and critical manufacturing industries . Apart from that, customised and speciality motors such as Low Voltage Induction Motors, Medium Voltage Induction Motors, Explosion-Proof Motors for oil and gas industry, Oil Well Pump Motors, Synchronous Motors, Wound Rotor, and DC Motors or pumps of various brands and make for unique projects are available at Leong Hing. Visit us for consultation on all your electric motors, motor controllers, pumps, generators, and drive requirements. We are here to serve you 6 days a week from 8.30 am till 6.00 pm each day.

Established in 1977, our electrical hardware and industrial plant distributor department function as a bulk seller of electrical hardware and control & automation components and lighting such as MCCBs, RCCBs, MCBs, contactors, electrical wiring accessories and conduits, cables, automation products, sensors, various types of cables, lighting, current transformers, panel meters, switches and many others in our area. We stock reputable brands such as Schneider, Salzer, Hager, ABB, Siemens, Panasonic, Omron, PVC Link, Lanric, Utama Cable, Maxway, Comway, DNF, Maxguard, Legrand, Bussman, Mitsubishi LV, Siemens, Philips, Osram, Electronicon, LS Industrial Systems, Socomec, Taian, Siemens PLC, Autonics, KDK Fans, United MS, Fajar cable, Mega Kabel, and others. Centrally located in Kajang to serve the surrounding Industrial areas, we can provide daily service and bulk delivery anywhere in Balakong, Beranang, Bangi, Seri Kembangan, Nilai, Puchong, Semenyih, Cheras, Sg. Lalang, Dengkil, Sg. Chua, and other areas in Selangor.

What Makes Us Unique

We have qualified Electrical Chargemen and Wiremen with competent certification of A0-A4, B0 (High Tension) and PW-4 issued by the Energy Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Tenaga), Certified Boilerman from JKKP Malaysia, Hardware Specialists, and Professional Electrical Engineer with practising certificate registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia on site. We too have experienced practitioners who are capable of supplying the right electrical products of reputable brands to you for your electrical needs for oil and gas and other industries.

Our certified hardware and industrial electrical professional and technical team at Leong Hing has over 30 years of experience handling technical sales of electrical items, issues and challenges of critical lifting equipment that utilizes electrical motors, prototyping, industrial automation, malfunctioning electric motors and other major faults for many different industries including oil and gas.

Over the years, we have developed an established set of operating practices. Together with a team of skilled workforce, we continuously strive to provide competitive prices for you and your company.

We have encountered practically all kinds of rewind, critical mechanical repair, and automation fault situations in the oil and gas industry and some research facilities, equipping us with the knowledge and resources to take care of all your electrical and automation needs.

By working with certified electrical professionals in Leong Hing, you can be assured that you are working with committed and talented professionals. Leong Hing has proven that they have the expertise to be your most effective solutions provider.

The certified electrical hardware and professionals at Leong Hing have proven industry knowledge, proven customer-focus skills and credibility. That means Leong Hing's certified electrical professionals are continuously developing their skills and staying current on the latest products.

Ask to work with certified electrical hardware and electrical professionals at Leong Hing. You’ll rest easy knowing that you have the best and most qualified people helping you with your projects.